A bit of stress now and then is needed to get us through the day. the workplace can often leave a positive impact on your mental health through:

  • providing stability
  • interaction with others
  • a steady income

The stress of a workplace can also take over. If your workplace is affecting your mental health there are some solutions that can be taken to address this.

The first signs are to recognise the signs of stress. These often include feeling anxious, lonely or unable to enjoy yourself. You may find yourself:

  • constantly worrying
  • unable to concentrate
  • find it hard to make decisions in the workplace

Once you recognise the signs of stress and what is causing this feeling, you can then approach your manager to see if they are able to make some adjustments.

An effective technique often used in the workplace is mindfulness.

By being mindful, you become more self-aware and can cope with difficult situations. Mindfulness is when you make a conscious effort to notice what is going on around you physically and internally. It helps centre your thoughts.

Another huge factor into mental health is the link with physical health. It is important ensure you get enough sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep the night before work could make you feel more tired in work, which in turn can lead to stress as you may struggle to complete your work.

Its important for you to take time out for yourself. Taking short breaks out of your day for physical exercise such as a gentle jog or walk at lunch time or asking a colleague to join a gym class with you can help improve your physical health, which in turn reflects on your mental health. Eating healthy wholesome food will also impact on your mood.

Managing workload stress

To help tackle workload stress:

  • Divide your workload into manageable amounts
  • Focus on what is priority and work backwards
  • Smile and laugh with your colleagues, its important to understand there are only a limited amount of things you can control
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help: Everyone needs a hand from time to time.
  • Be realistic with your goals: if you’re unsure if you’re going to make a deadline speak to your manager.

MHFA England

Finally, if work is a means to pay the bills and realising your potential.

Its not the reason for your existence