How to write a CV

Not sure what to put on your CV? We can help!

A CV otherwise known as a resume or Curriculum Vitae is a document used to display your education, past work history and let the potential employers understand what you’re looking for and who you are!

Although there are many ways to write a CV, there are basics that should be covered, these include:

  • Personal details: Such as name, email and telephone number.
  • Personal statement: Describe to the potential employer what you’re looking for and who you are.
  • Education history: Here you state what level of education you have, what subjects you studied, grades achieved and what year these were achieved. it also could include any extra qualifications or certificates held.
  • Work experience: This section should state your role held, what date the role was held, employer name and duties carried out in the role. Your most recent employment should be stated first.
  • References: Its usually best to provide details of two references, with at least one being professional such as a past employer. Its also best to notify the person that you will be using them as a reference to ensure they are aware that they will be contacted.

There are many different CV templates available to use online but just ensure that each CV includes the basics. It takes an Employer a first glace to accept a job applicant for interview, so ensure you have a read over your CV before submission to ensure all information is correct.

Good luck!